QI-X Beto

Tabla El Mundo. Surfboards to People
As surfers, we love to believe our sport as international. There are world tour events in the US, Australia, Brazil and Fiji; we've got WQS events around the globe;and modern surfers jet around the world from Indo, to Hawaii to Peru looking for the best waves. Our perspective at QI-X, we don't feel that surfing will truly be international until surfers themselves reflect the diversity of the world through a colorful multitude of languages and cultures. QI-X is working to foster surfing in parts of the world less fortunate where surf has not yet received the attention.

QI-X Community. Develop and Connect.
QI-X is reaching out to and developing a strong web of ocean oriented communities; communities of surfers, shapers, ocean oriented people. We are driven to make the best surfboards possible at affordable prices so that all surfers and not yet surfers can afford a well designed and made surfboard essential to improving their craft, to love the sport. Shapers and surfers from around the world and varying experiences are invited and involved to contribute designs and ideas, qi-x is the conduit, devoted to integrating our network and system that makes available the best to more people in more parts of the world. Where possible, where present, invest our resources to improve the local surfing communities and the lives of the people who make them, providing a means to independently participate in its' evolution and development.

QI-X Pro Deal
QI-X is standing by its' goal of supporting unrecognized communities by getting the necessary tools into the hands of young dedicated talent; those most in need of top quality boards. We have instituted the QI-X Pro-buy program, where we're making available to the top 10 surfers of countries world-wide to ride QI-X surfboards through our QI-X Pro Deal program. Basically, our program distributes our boards into the hands of the best surfers wherever they are, free. There's a lot of talent out there, in places without access, and we know that surfing can be expensive, where the sport is limited to the elite class, so this is our way of stepping up to support those surfers who display the discipline and talent to go farther.

Is it the Board?
We believe it our responsibility to help shape the industry. Shaping brings together the arts, science, the athlete, the location, culture, each of us shaped by and for the board, through each unique wave. Support community hand shaping. The contact between craftsman and athlete. We invite respected career professional shapers like Brandon McDonald (Australia) to contribute designs. We invite artisan shapers, like Jonno Cole of Rhythmsticks (Australia) or of Jason Bennett of Chemistry Surfboards (CA) to demonstrate their art in El Salvador; from dialogue with surfers Jimmy Rotherham and Juan Carlos Ramos and our community of shapers our RPM and Karateca board models were created. Appreciation of hand shaping. We supported and developed six hand shapers in China, talented craftsmen now connoiseurs of form and function, of surf; like each of us and each wave, the uniqueness of each board, no production line folks who clean up computer carved boards surfed in locations the designer has never been; real artisan professionals who surf, who love to rough down a blank, plane and sand the lines, and laminate with intense care and science, creating top quality professional level surfing equipment.

We are proud in the exacting quality of materials applied to qi-x beto surfboards and the exacting finish work and details that goes into it.
Blanks: Eskimo, Bennett, Excell
Resin: FGI (super white, super strong, and includes great UV inhibition, making it one of the top resins in Australia).
Fiberglass: Aerialite (clear, strong).

Nature Loves Surfers.
One project to protect our natural environment is at La Bocana, a rock-bottom river mouth break 100 meters in front of La Fabrica, qi-x El Salvador Facility. Just 40 years ago La Bocana was an untouched natural treasure, but with development and modernization of the country, the river has been changed significantly, eroded, denuded and polluted. In an effort to protect our natural environment, beautify our surroundings, and bring back lost native wildlife, QI-X is undertaking an extensive reforestation of the riverbanks leading to La Bocana. Our goal is to plant hundreds of native plants, trees and mangroves to help reestablish fertile nesting grounds for native species; creating natural habitats for fish, reptiles, birds and the myriad wildlife that once lived in this area.

We all know that the process of making and consuming surfboards or that petroleum consumed to travel to our best breaks does have a negative effect on our natural environment. It is crucial that we as surfers make the extra effort to protect, even improve, the natural areas where we play. It's all about trade-offs; without the surfboards and our love of the sport, we probably wouldn't be nearly as tuned in to our natural world. And since we're not about to give up our lifestyle, and as we continue to R & D for better, more durable, less harmful product, better appreciate the water, the sun and our natural world, conscientious and active to preserve our love.

Human Environment
While we think that the natural environment; our ocean, our trees our air, and the creatures we share them with are incredibly important, we should never turn our backs on the human element. Overlooking a poor young local kid yearning to experience the sensation of a great surf day is as is to paying no mind to discarded trash on your way out, both contra the whole nature and philosophy of our sport. It's our unique focus of our energies on improving our world, do our best to spread the love around that makes our sport so special. Spread good will, that overpriced name brand is not making you a better surfer, certainly not a better person, do not perpetuate the narcissism of elitism, patronage a worthy cause as your badge of honor. Teach surf provide equipment to the orphans. We hope to continue to find ways to help, as is the philosophy, the essence, concept of qi-x, fuerza universal.